Young Thug Responds To The Game Threats: “I’m Coming To LA…Gun Threats Don’t Scare Me”

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Another coastal hip hop beef is brewing and Young Thug once again finds himself the target as The Game draws a line in the sand to stand with his comrade Lil Wayne and makes some very violent threats towards the “Lifestyles” rapper. What is most dangerous about this beef is that it make mentions of guns and gangs.

Usually it’s not the celebrities themselves but their fans who are more of a threat to have unpredictable violent behaviors.

The has the scoop:

Shots fired. It looks like Young Thug and Game are both coming prepared with their figurative bulletproof vests today.

Young Thug’s beef with Lil Wayne appears to be spilling over from the South all the way to the West Coast as he and rapper Game are now in a war of words. At a recent nightclub appearance, Game took the opportunity to chime in on the Weezy versus Thugger drama, which stems from the latter’s decision to continue Wayne’s Carter series without permission, by adding in a few jabs of his own.

“I dare a p—- n—- to walk through California and say f— Wayne. I’ma do a n—- like I did 40 Glocc….. I will f— Young Thug up,” Game warned in a video that was captured on Instagram. Game and Wayne have been cool for years and have collaborated on tracks including 2008’s “My Life” and 2011’s Bloods declaration “Red Nation,” among other tracks.

Thugger didn’t take to the threats very kindly and responded with his own Instagram video directed at the Compton MC. The Barter 6 rhymer came for Game’s past by revealing his former stripper days and affiliation to opposing gangs the Bloods and the Crips.

“See you used to be a creep now you a blood, so I don’t want no smoke wit cha,” the “Lifestyle” rapper said from the passenger seat of a car. “And you used to be a stripper so I don’t want to fight with you…,” he continued before affirming that he is in L.A. more than the city’s own governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

But the more alarming part about the “Constantly Hating” rhymer’s response is his homeboy in the back seat brandishing a semi-automatic weapon. With all of the violence across the nation and the call for peace in areas like Baltimore, we hope these two rappers do not take their beef to the streets.

Game decided to take this beef a step further by addressing Thug’s video featuring his gun-toting friend. In a visual shot while looking cozy in bed, The Blood Moon: Year of the Wolf creator directs more threats at Young Thug. “I just seen your little video you hoe ass n—-. You paint your nails like a f—ing girl, you call your n—-s bae and you a hoe ass n—-. Keep fuckin’ around and n—-s gon’ drive by that nail shop and light that mother f—er up,” he warns.

Watch Game threaten Young Thug below.

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