With Mayweather-Pacquiao Fight Tickets As High As $141,000 It’s No Surprise Why Old Friends Are Reconnecting With Mayweather

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At this point if you are planning a trip to Vegas to see the Mayweather Vs. Pacquiao fight be sure to bring lots of cash or a good friend with lots of cash, (I MEAN A LOT OF CASH).

Only 1000 tickets were made available to the public for the May 2 championship boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. And as expected, those tickets sold out in less than one minute.

The remaining 15,500 seats at the MGM Grand will go to fighters, sponsors and promoters BBCSports reports.

The resale value on tickets are going as high as $141,000 on some websites. Which means even some of Mayweather’s close friends may not get tickets for the fight. Could this be the reason why 50 Cent is reaching out to his old friend Floyd Mayweather?

Fiddy and Mayweather were business associates in boxing at one time. But for some unknown reason their relationship cooled a bit. Or at least we thought, based on 50 Cent’s vicious attack on Mayweather’s intelligence last year. With friends like 50 Cent who need enemies.


But despite at what may appear to be an unusual relationship, surprisingly the former MONEY TEAM is back chummie and training together according to reports.

This, all after such an embarrassing public spat last September in which 50 Cent called out Mayweather as being so dumb that he needed a digital watch to tell time, the union is unexpected. Fiddy even challenged Mayweather to a reading contest saying he would give $750,000 if he could read a complete page from a Harry Potter book, ( later lowering the bar to Dr. Seuss: ’The Cat And The Hat’).


A challenge Mayweather did not accept , instead he responded by showing 50 Cent exactly how much money he made his last two fights. The champ posted a picture of two checks worth over $72 million and the caption: “READ THIS”.

With such a vicious attack on the champ by Fiddy, everybody thought a meeting of the two would end in a brawl. But according to reports cooler heads prevailed.

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The conflict was squashed mainly because both men have something in common: (They Both Love Money). We suspect the two are concocting another ‘mo money’, ‘get rich or die trying’ type scheme. According to reports the two are training together , 50 Cent is training for the official launch of his new line of adjustable underwear called Frigo.

As for his pick to win the fight? … 50 Cent is picking: THE ORIGINAL MONEY TEAM.


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