Why Beyonce And Jay Z Are Marketing Geniuses

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While fans and the media are trying to figure out who is “Becky” with the good hair, Beyonce and Jay Z are lying back smiling and no doubt counting the money that is pouring in since the release of Beyonce’s latest album Lemonade.

Finally the couple caved in to the public and the media’s insatiable thrist for scandal in their presumingly ailing relationship and served up a tall glass of lemonade for world consumption.

For as long as the power couple have been together, (10 glorious years and counting) they have had to defend their loyalty to one another and their child Blue Ivy, as the public and media spread rumors of how their marriage is being held together by an incredibly strong but thin piece of thread.

But now, rather than continue to fight the rumors the Carters did something brilliant. In what appears to be the waving of the white flag, instead of defending their vows to each other for another second, the couple comes clean, surrendering to scrupulous claims of infidelity: “YES! YES! I WAS Unfaithful!”

So at least it seems, and all of the world let out a big “See, I Told You So! They Are Miserable Together” as they rush to download Beyonce’s latest, pushing her new album sales to unprecedented numbers.

But what if… just what if the Carters, like the marketing geniuses they are, played up to the public’s insatiable thirst for a story about dysfunction and scandal, and like the old adage, made Lemonade out of lemons, then thought up a real sophisticated name like… “Lemonade” and served it up for public consumption?

Thirst trap or not I think I’ll head over to tidal.com and take a sip… scandal is best served when it’s served cold.

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