Whoopi Goldberg Reveals Why She Never Wanted To Be Glamorous , Marriage And More On Oprah’s Master Class

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Why Whoopi Goldberg Never Wanted to Be Glamorous

When Oscar® award-winning actress Whoopi Goldberg first came into her own in Hollywood, the comedy legend was met with a lot of questions about her appearance, from her hair all the way down to her shoes. No one seemed to know what to make of the movie star who looked nothing like a traditional celebrity. Watch as Whoopi explains why she decided that her own comfort was more important than meeting anyone else’s expectations.

Whoopi Goldberg on Oprah’s Master Class – Video

Bona fide comedy legend Whoopi Goldberg talks candidly about growing up in New York City, and shares her most valuable life lessons, including personal stories about how to accept success in all its forms and how to open the door to opportunity.

What Whoopi Goldberg Realized After Her Mother’s Death – Video

Whoopi Goldberg’s mother always understood her daughter and what she needed to hear. Watch as Whoopi reveals the devastating revelation she had following her mother’s death—and what she then realized her mother would have to say about it.

Whoopi Goldberg’s Thoughts on Marriage and Why She Prefers Being Single

Whoopi Goldberg says that when she married her first husband, Alvin Martin, she thought it would make her feel “closer to normal.” However, Whoopi says, “As it turns out, I’m just not normal, and that’s something I’ve come to accept.” Watch her explain why marriage just isn’t her cup of tea.

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