We Found Out The One Thing That Can Make Bill Belichick Smile

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By now everybody knows the only things that can make the always stoic New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick smile: Number one would be Superbowls. and number two would be Chrissy Teigen from behind. But in Belichick’s defense Chrissy Teigen from behind can put a smile on any man’s face. It’s only when you get caught staring at a high class dinner, while with your wife, at the white house, sweating profusely, when it’s most embarrassing. But don’t fret help is here.

gentlemans guide to viewing the booty cover

It’s important to keep in mind when you are looking at a woman with a nice booty,always have the etiquette of a gentleman. Remember you are not just looking at a fine shapely dime piece but rather a respectable mother,girlfriend or wife. Subtleness is key. Here are just a few gentleman tips when viewing a nice booty:

booty guide 1

Tip # 1: When staring at a nice booty :always use the 3 second rule, never stare at the booty for more than 3 seconds, count to yourself; 1 1000,2 1000 3 1000 then look away, 1 1000 2 1000 3 1000 then look away. Be sure to put some time in between stares subtleness is key

booty guide 2

Tip 2: Never use the side lean, it makes it to obvious that you are staring at the booty and also people around you can also see you staring, be subtle, pretend to look at something in the vicinity of the booty.

booty guide 3

Tip 3: Admiring a nice booty with a thumbs up is ok, especially when you can see the booty from the front ,This does deserves two thumbs up.

booty guide 4

booty guide 5

booty guide 6

Tip 4: When admiring a nice booty, never use facial or verbal cues like : DAMN GURL dats a phat booty!, OOWEE! gurl u blessed!, GOT DAAMMN!, SWEET MOTHA OF JESUS! or …
OH LAWD! JESUS!. This only bring attention which may not be appropriate.

booty guide 7

Tip 5: When viewing a nice phat booty never do the turnaround look/stare …….unless you mistakenly dropped something in view of the booty…. wink! wink!

booty guide 8

Tip 6: When admiring a nice booty and its so nice and she is just too damn sexy and you get a woody while fantasizing about the booty, disregard etiquette of a gentleman and just go for it! Y.O.L.O!

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