Watch The Boondocks Season 4, Episode 7 — Freedomland(Full)

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The Boondocks Season 4, Episode 7 — Freedomland

See how the Freemans get trapped in a slavery theme park in episode 7 ‘Freedomland’.

The show opens up with Granddad sitting on the sofa watching TV , his only form of entertainment he can still afford due to his debt problems. But Huey the voice of reason comes down stairs to try to enlighten granddad and now Riley who has shown Granddad a new show “basketball wives” about how the 1% ( the most wealthy) wants to see you broke , complacent and on the counch while they push a steady diet of junk food and ratchet tv down your throat.

Off course Riley and Graddad just blew him off.

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The Boondocks is based on the satiric Aaron McGruder comic strip of the same name.

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