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Last week, it was reported that Fox TV’s prime time hip-hop soap opera “Empire” was renewed for a second season. No doubt the network was happy with the ratings for the show, and felt that it was strong enough to survive its first season.

But now we see why the network was in such a rush to sign the show for a second season after only two episodes. According to Neilson ratings The show has broken a 22-year long record on the Fox Network, becoming first the first show since 1993 to actually increase its ratings, and the number of viewers, the following 2 weeks, after the premiere episode. It seems that the show already has a strong loyal following which means ratings should only get better with time. Signing the show after the second episode was all the network needed to know they had a hit show on their hands and save millions.

As TV-by-the-Numbers reported , this sort of thing is practically “unprecedented in modern television history.” The show premiered with a 3.8 adult 18-49 rating, but then climbed to a 4.0 for its second episode, and then jumped again to a 4.4 rating for its third episode.

Look for Terrance Howard and Taraji P.Henson only sink their amazing acting chops deeper into , what we’re calling the best new TV show of 2015.

In case you missed the 3rd episode after stone killing his right hand man Lucius appears in all white at the funeral and quotes godly scripture and even breaks down in tears vowing to hunt down his best friend’s murderer , the only catch is the murderer is him.

Lucius plans a little get-together for Hakeem and Tiana, since they seem to be good for business. But the family doesn’t know that the young Hakeem is already having an affair with an older woman played by Naomi Campbell

Cookie visits an old flame, and songwriter, called Puma played by Cuba Gooding Jr.

The family watches as Jamal performs an old song written by Puma and instantly Lucius recognizes the song to be the song that Cookie’s old friend made and rejects his son. Jamal gets feed up with trying to please his father and vows to be the one to go after his empire.


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