Usher Vs. Chris Brown Dance-Off , Who Do You Choose?

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When it comes to dancing no one will ever rival the dancing legacy of Michael Jackson , his signature moves and style may never be duplicated. But who in the music industry comes a distant second? Two artist instantly comes to mind: Usher and Chris Brown.


Usher , who has been known as a dance icon for two decades has the moves to rival even the most disciplined professional dancer , but it is the 25-year-old Chris Brown who may want to be considered the dance champ who will most likely succeed Michael Jackson’s legacy. In a recent interview the young R&B singer may have challenged Usher , who is considered by many the reigning dance champ.

Since beginning his career 10 years ago , Brown has amassed an impressive catalogue of music videos featuring his dance moves. And now it seems Breezy is so confident he feels his moves rival those of Usher.
Breezy says:

“See , I don’t like to be cocky or arrogant anymore , but when it comes to dancing–when you say ‘Chris Brown’ you say ‘Dancing’ , you’re going to have to bring your a game”, he said. “It’s like when Iverson crossed over Jordan”,Brown said in reference to he and Usher’s match up. “It’s a little different–these dance moves a little new” , Brown continued laughing.

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Please let us know who you think is the best dancer?

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