Usher Maybe Saying Goodbye To The Voice Next Season + ‘Good Kisser’ [Music Video]

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Usher maybe saying goodbye to the Voice after his current season. Usher joined in season four and returned for season six but season seven is unclear.

“It is a little bit too early to say where I’m going to land. Right now I’m going to focus on my new album.” said Usher

And focus Usher has been., Laser focus. Although the lyrics to his new hit single is a bit ambiguous with lyrics like “Nobody kiss it like you , nobody kiss it like you nobody kiss it like you , bang bang bang! supports the good kisser theory but , if she is ,in fact, a good kisser how in the world would she leave lipstick on his leg. Even Stevie Wonder has better aim.

Usher’s main love interest in the music video is the beautiful freckled face runway model Felicia “Fo” Porter

On the show the veteran singer has given out solid advice about the music biz but in his new single ‘Good Kisser it seems that he is admiring the chops for something other than singing. I’m just saying a “good kisser Ima rain on this parade”?

Fo Porter seduces in the video with her sexy voluptuous lips

At any rate the video feature just the cutest freckled faced Video Vixen, slick dance moves and the star sporting the baddest latest Versace leather bomber jacket check it out:

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