Usher Blazes Chris Brown A Day After The Singer Challenges Him To A Dance-Off (VIDEO)

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In show business , news travel fast! One day after Chris Brown challenges Usher to a dance-off , guess who the reigning dance champ , Usher, brings on the stage? You guessed it! Usher surprised the crowd at the iHeart Radio Festival in Las Vegas by bringing the youngster , Chris Brown out to take part in a quick dance-off.

The day before , in an interview Chris Brown told Sway from MTV that he could beat Usher in a dance-off saying:

“See , I don’t like to be cocky or arrogant anymore , but when it comes to dancing–when you say ‘Chris Brown’ you say ‘Dancing’ , you’re going to have to bring your a game”, he said. “It’s like when Iverson crossed over Jordan”,Brown said in reference to he and Usher’s match up. “It’s a little different–these dance moves a little new” , Brown continued laughing.

The two dueled it out to Breezy’s song “New Flame”. At the conclusion , Usher removed his sneakers , poured lighter fluid on them and then lit them on time , in a celebratory victory roast , check out the footage below:

It looks like the dance rivalary is ON! for these two. A challenge by Brown will soon follow as he released his much anticipated sixth studio album , X , on Sep.16 , featuring the Usher/Rick Ross collaboration track “New Flame”. Other artists on the album include Lil Wayne , Trey Songz , R.Kelly , Akon , Kendrick Lamar , Brandy and Ariana Grande.

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