UPDATE: DNA Results May Reveal That Michael Jackson Is Not The Father But The Brother!

| March 7, 2014

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DNA test on fatherhood of Brandon Howard may actually match with Joe Jackson, Michael Jackson’s father sources tell nydailynews.

The test first made an alleged link to the King of Pop, but a source close to the Daily News said the Jackson patriarch is actually the father of Howard, who is believed to be referenced in Michael Jackson’s 1982 hit ‘Billie Jean’ with the line: ‘The kid is not my son.’ However, singer Augie Johnson has also claimed to be Howard’s dad.

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Dr. Joseph Goodman, a Beverly Hills dental surgeon, revealed the results, and claimed he obtained a sample of Michael Jackson’s DNA from a dental device that had belonged to the “Thriller” singer. He purchased the device at auction.

Goodman pulled a piece of paper from an envelope and said the test showed the “probability” of the King of Pop being a parental match was “99.9 percent.”

“I think we have the proof,” Goodman declared.

Despite Goodman’s claim, the paperwork did not include the names of the test subjects or the name of a testing lab, but David told viewers such tests are typically done anonymously and that other information was redacted as a security safeguard.

“I’m sure that there will be doubters and there will be haters and there will be those who create, build a controversy, but it is what it is,” David said.
Jackson estate lawyer Howard Weitzman didn’t see things that way, however.

“It sounds like a fraud to me,” Weitzman told the Daily News later Thursday.

Brandon Howard has admitted Michael Jackson is a big inspiration for his work, but he claimed Thursday he had nothing to do with David’s press conference.

“I’ve never self-proclaimed to be Michael Jackson’s son,” he said in a Facebook video. “I’m definitely not suing the estate. I’m taken care of very well. And also, I make my own cash, OK?”

Former child actor Corey Feldman, who was pals with Michael Jackson during his moonwalking heyday, attended David’s press conference and told The News he believes The Gloved One is the father.

“Personally, I do, because I’ve never met two people who were more alike in my life,” Feldman, 42, said.

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