Thirsty Thursdays: Onion Booty Volume 5: White Celebrities with Big Onions

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white girls Onion

Stereotypes: If you asked 10 black people if they like chicken the odds are that more than five would say yes. One or two might even have chicken grease on their hands. Although it is a stereotype it does speak of truth in relationship with black folks. The same could be said about the stereotype that white women have little bootys. But we wanted to be sure so we hung out all-day at a Starbucks just for research and to of course observe the white booty. And true to stereotypes our data indicated that the majority of white women of less than 5 in fact had little bootys. However we did managed to discover one or two with onions.
White women with onions are rare However they are not anomalies. Here are a few well known white girls with onions.

top ten women with dangerous curves kim kardashian

Kim Kardashian- Although there is no surprise that Kim made the list , her tedonkulous onion is ridiculous!

White chicks with onion coco-twitter2resized

CoCo -Just like Kim the wife of Ice tea may not be a surprise but her booty is certified onion.

white girls with onions Iggy Azalea

The Ghetto Psychologist: Good Day Therapy! Tidday Twerk! Vol.5

Who knew Iggy Azalea was working with all that?

white chicks with onions britney-spearsresize

Brittney Spears is a shock as well however from the side the plumpness of the booty is what is most attractive. In this pick she score with the posing. Certified ONION

white chicks with onions scarlett-johansson

Scarlett Johansson is pretty plus a lovely booty. Certified ONION

white chicks with onion bootys Rose_McGowan_38479_rose_mcgowan_backside_small

Rose McGowan is working with a lil summin summin

white girls with onions Jessica Biel

The Ghetto Psychologist Good Day Therapy:Russian Snow Bunny Twerking Like she’s getting electrocuted

Jessica Biel- Certified Onion

white chicks with onions minka-kelly

Minka Kelly-Certified Onion

If have some others we overlooked please let us known.


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