The power of social media proves to be powerful ally for the people of Somalia

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In recent news, Colin Kaepernick and Ben Stiller put their celebrity status behind youtube vloggers Casey Neistat and Jerome Jarre to help raise close to one million dollars in just 10 hours for famine relief efforts in Somalia.

The group, now calling themselves “the love army for Somalia” leveraged their social following and YouTube subscribers to raise funds to help fix the humanitarian crisis in Somalia that is affecting over six million people worldwide. Jerome Jarre, another social media fanatic, tweeted a video explaining the crisis in Somalia and how his fan following could help the people in Somalia out. This video was shared, retweeted, and talked about by other famous people such as Ben Stiller, Casey Neistat, and Colin Kaepernick.

To donate click link HERE

To all our donors: Ben Stiller is generously letting the group use his charity STILLER FOUNDATION in order to receive and manage the funds. This means U.S. DONORS WILL BE ABLE TO WRITE THIS DONATION OFF YOUR TAXES if you wish.

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