The Ghetto Psychologist: Good Day Therapy! Tidday Twerk! Vol.5

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The Ghetto Psychologist: Good Day Therapy! Tidday Twerk!

Hello good people I’m back! and Here to serve you all. Yes It’s me the ghetto psychologist spreading some of that good ghetto feel good.

Trust me I’ve been reading up on this since I was 10 months

If you can read this post then there is a good chance you’re not dead yet. And like magic you have you first bit of good news. They don’t call me the ghetto psychologist for nothing…Well they don’t but I like to think I am. Check out the film clips below to get the prescribed medicine of the day. She has many names. Yes it is Becky from girls gone wild AKA Thriller in Vanilla AKA The original bouncy snow bunny AKA ‘The Black man’s Kryptonite . You’re welcome in advance!

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