The Champion Within Beyond What You See

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What makes a champion? What are the true characteristics. In boxing it’s very clear to see a champion.

Such as a Mike Tyson in his heyday when he defeated his opponents seemingly with only one punch. Was Mike Tyson just that strong or did Mike Tyson have the aura of a champion that just would not be denied? The ATTITUDE of someone who felt that HE was truly unstoppable and would not be denied the title of a champion. The same as Muhammad Ali who said “ I AM THE GREATEST “even before he was champion. The DETERMINATION to be champion, Just like what Marvelous Marvin Hagler had when in the 3rd round he knocked out Thomas “hit man” Hearns. Moments before the knockout Hagler’s corner and refs were ready to stop the fight because of the cut he had on his right eye which was so bloody and swollen he could barely see but Hagler took that challenge and turned it into a motivator to pull deeper within himself to end the fight (and quickly) .It’s obvious that these men made up their minds MENTALLY that they would be champions. And their minds lead them to prepare for the inevitable epic battles that would soon come. So we have plenty of examples of the physical and mental toughness it takes to be a champion. And we can even take the examples of PREPARATION and planning from the past champions… But what if we have no wish to be, physically, the next Heavyweight boxing champion of the world?


What if we just wanted to use the physical and mental toughness examples of a champion and translate it’s examples to use in our everyday normal lives? What if we just wanted the HEART of a champion and the characteristics of a champion? What if we wanted to be like Neo in the Matrix the moment he mentally realized he was truly THE ONE? The moment he realized his full power and he gets up and tell the men in black No! In life we inevitably go through epic battles as life is most certainly like a roller coaster ride with ups and downs , joys and pains and hot and cold just like the weather. But what if we could take those set backs and failures as lessons and learn from them? Wouldn’t we be closer to being the champions of our lives? The more years and wisdom you have in life the more one thing should be obvious. That is: THERE ARE NO REAL SECRETS IN LIFE. There is no miracle pill to happiness. There is no secret to losing weight. There is no secret to getting rich. The TRUTH is right in front of us and has always been right in front of us. The TRUTH is very familiar to us. It’s so familiar we can’t believe the TRUTH. It takes a degree of enlightenment or a lifetime of learning to step back and UNCOVER the answers we have been looking a lifetime for only to find them as close as WITHIN OURSELVES. Don’t be like the scarecrow on the pole from the Wiz. Letting crows tells you “You can’t win , can’t break even and you can’t get out of the game But pull yourself off the pole and ease on down , ease on down the road. Don’t carry nothing that might be a load. Just ease on down ease on down the road.

matrix-neo sheilding bullets


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