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Tehmeena Afzal (born March 27, 1982) is a female model who once won Miss Social, a non-nude monthly competition of the Playboy magazine. She was born in New York City, United States, to Pakistani parents.

Afzal’s parents came to the US after their arranged marriage, and thus she grew up in Queens, New York. She received a full scholarship to New York Institute of Technology, where she completed a Bachelors Degree and continued to become an entrepreneur in the music industry. Her high school career accomplishments include being named All City player, All State player and Female Athlete of the Year.

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Afzal is the owner of an Urban Music website, Tehmeena created waves and her exposure in this booming business was recognized because she was the only Pakistani woman breaking barriers in more than just music.

She continues to make an impact on the Pakistani culture, with the understanding that most Pakistani families would have disowned her because of her actions.

Tehmeena has starred in many music videos, and has been featured in magazines. She was also in a calendar for Miss Playboy Public.

When asked about her possible joining to Bollywood after the success of Sunny Leone & her fellow countrywomen Veena Malik, she replied, “I would love to. Just waiting for the opportunity to call”.

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