T.I. Calls Don King A “Real Life” Version Of The Boondocks Character ‘Uncle Ruckus’

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Donald Trump last month tried once again to appeal to African American voters by saying: “What do you have to lose..?”

For blacks who have endured slavery then Jim Crow segregation Laws then systemic: institutionalize racism, high unemployment, economic boycott of black neighborhoods, for profit judicial systems across the country that target black motorist, a war on drugs that punish blacks disproportionately, the disenfranchise of black voters with felony records, voter suppression tactics, police brutality and more Trump’s message which didn’t give solutions to none of the problems but was a clear insult.

The fact that, with a presumingly clear conscious, Trump addressed blacks with no solutions was either for an appeal to the far right or at the very least a covert way of insulting black.

Needless to say Trump’s attempt at appealing to black voters fell on deaf ears. But to add insult to injury in walks boxing promoter Don King who some say is the real life version of the Boondocks’ character Uncle Ruckus.

Hustle Gang‘s T.I. isn’t a fan of Don King. The King of the South has gone off on the sports personality following an unexpected appearance at a Donald Trump church rally this week.

Tip went to Instagram (September 21) and unloaded on King.

And when you're a spineless soul-selling COON…. You're a spineless soul-selling COON-NEGRO!!!! U old Steven Off Django, Uncle Ruckus in real life, Hate-the-skin-U-In,Poor excuse for a Black Man,Willie Lynch endorsing ass COON!!!! Just look at how those rich privileged white men laughing in satisfaction AT U,because you're so lost in your own selfishness that you'd(even at this fragile state that the nation is in)SELL YOUR OWN PEOPLE OUT!!!! You're a fucking disgrace to ALL GENERATIONS of black people,young and old. Your family,friends,and ancestors should be ashamed to claim your STUPID ASS!!! Now I see why @miketyson @floydmayweather #MuhammasAli & all your fighters ran your ass outta boxing…. WE as a people deserve better!!!! #DonCoon

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Wednesday (September 21), King appeared at a Cleveland church to show off his support for Donald Trump.

The Republican nominee, who has record low support from black voters, has repeatedly touted King’s endorsement of his candidacy despite the controversy surrounding the boxing promoter. King was convicted of second-degree manslaughter in 1966. At Wednesday’s event, King described Trump as a candidate of “inclusiveness,” saying, “America needs Donald Trump. We need Donald Trump, especially black people.” Trump took the stage after King spoke, telling his supporters: “There’s only one Don King. Only one.” (People)

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