Scarface Pays Tribute To The 80’s Heavy Metal Power Ballad, Plays Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here” On Guitar (Video)

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If I told you 20 years ago gangsta rappers will tour but instead of rapping, they will perform their favorite Heavy Metal power ballad. You’ll probably respond like“yea right, when pigs fly…”

What is the urban gentleman? A enlighten sense of style, culture, and intelligence.

What is sophistication?

According to Wikipedia it’s the quality of refinement , displaying good taste , wisdom and subtlety rather than crudeness , stupidity and vulgarity. One must be able to step outside the box and show an appreciation of the creative arts of all genres.

Such is the case for legendary MC and urban gentleman, Scarface who surprised his audience with an acoustic version of Pink Floyd’s power ballad “Wish You Were Here,” to a delighted Paid Dues crowd in 2013.

The Power Ballad ,the trademark of the heavy metal bands of the 80’s. Mostly an exclusive white suburban white choice of fans however it didn’t stop one of the hardest MC’s in hip hop from jumping on the gravy train of inspiration and bravely crossing over to the power ballad movement.

Who knew that this gangsta rapper was a big heavy metal fan?

In the 80’s Scarface and the Geto Boys released the controversial hard tracks “Car Freak” in 1986, which then followed with two LPs “You Ain’t Nothin’/I Run This” in 1987, and “Be Down” in 1988.

The moment you realize how much you love music…. #Icon

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It’s obvious Scarface, named after his favorite drug king pin, even singing his favorite Heavy Metal power ballad while showing off air guitar skills is not enough as the iconic rapper shows us he’s not only a fan of the Power ballad but is skilled on guitar.

In the concert below to the pleasant surprise of the audience, Scarface even belted out a few lines, totally owning up to being a power ballad lover.

Rock on DUDE!

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  1.' Kent Kimes says:

    Dude, “Wish You Were Here” came out in 1975, and it’s not “heavy metal.”

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