RHOA Cynthia Bailey Snaps Back: “Stop Worrying About Me Nene Leakes, Find A Decent Wig & More Flattering Makeup”

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Andy Coen may be the best in the industry at stirring the pot as ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’, Nene Leakes tells the host of ‘Watch What Happens Live’ , the battles with both Cynthia and Kenya Moore have led to so much drama and negativity she’s considered quitting the Bravo Show that made her a star, calling Cynthia a ‘Funkbox’ and saying “Little ol sad Cynthia, Nene said. “Let her have her moment-I don’t have the time, I’m on Broadway”.
Needless to say in Cynthia’s response she went for the jugular! on her “frienemy” Nene Leakes, Madamenoire reports:

Apparently, Cynthia Bailey was displeased with ex-friend NeNe Leake’s “Watch What Happens Live” interview. In a recent Bravo blog, the former supermodel addressed the interview and slammed Leakes for her inability to get along with others and also, what she felt to be an unattractive wig.

“It’s the same ol’ two step,” Bailey wrote. “Embrace the people that are with you and try to destroy the people who are not. I have seen her (NeNe) do it to other ladies on the show (past and present), so although it was disappointing, it was not a big surprise when she did it to me. It’s no secret that NeNe has gotten into it or fallen out (at one time or the other) with mostly all the ladies

My thing is this — if I’m so irrelevant and you don’t want to be my storyline (or should I say me be yours), why spend so much energy talking about me? That energy could have been put to better use looking for a decent wig and a more flattering makeup direction.”

In case you missed it, Andy Cohen basically played a clip from the latest episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” where Cynthia was venting to Kenya about how much better her life is without NeNe and of course, NeNe took the bait.

I understand that the friction between Cynthia and NeNe probably makes for entertaining reality television, but it’s pretty sad to see the two of them resort to this. They may never reconcile, but I would hope that they could at least get to a point where they’re no longer throwing such nasty jabs at one another.

Cynthia Bailey with husband Peter and host of ‘Beyond the lights’ screening Radio personality Stacii Jae Johnson

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