Raven-Symone Has A Change Of Heart After Recent Shooting, Call For Black Economic Empowerment Movement

| July 21, 2016 | 10 Comments


Raven-Symon, has never identified with being black in the past and insisted and stayed firm in her belief that she is not an African-American but an American.

But, the controversial co-host of ‘the View’ have changed her views and is now calling for an economic empowerment movement in the black communities, to aid in the change of the United States’ systemic racism problem.

After the recent turn of events where several African-American men have been shot and killed by police, Rayven now feels that blacks coming together economically would be a force to be reckoned with and could influence legislative policy to improve our country incredulous’ racism.

Facts to keep in mind:

Based on recent American census demographics there are now close to 40 million African-Americans with the buying power of over a trillion dollars.

To put it in more perspective: If African-Americans were collectively a member of the European Union, which has 28 European countries, African-Americans would be the sixth largest country in the union, behind only Germany, France, United Kingdom, Italy and Spain.

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Comments (10)

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  1. gutta.league.production@gmail.com' Joseph Hicks says:

    Naw we do not want her back and make sure you tell Stacy Dash the same

    • Jaijai1979@hotmail.co.uk' Janine says:

      Fcuk raven and her stupid friend Stacey. Ohhh have they just realised that they are actually black now??!!!! Hahaha

  2. Stand with us to build a nation. A Treaty and Artivlesnof Convention tonDesignate Descendants of American Slaves as a Nation .

  3. Stand with us to build a nation. A Treaty and Articles of Convention to Designate Descendants of American Slaves as a Nation .

  4. Rashe17@hotmail.com' Na Na says:

    Goodbye Becky wannabe….we don’t want you back your banned from the black community for life.

  5. waheedahmuhammad@yahoo.com' Waheedah says:

    Let’s be mature, understanding & forgiving with Raven, she’s like some of the other famous celebrities who get caught up in American fantasy (regardless of their race)until a poignant situations happens then reality begins to surface. At least mentality she’s beginning to grow up.

    • Iyabinghi337@yahoo.com' Iyabinghi Ashanti Tafari says:

      I agree! Little by little the chickens must come home to roost with their mother! Raven flew away from her nest and she wants to return so why not let her. We must begin to overstand the mental breakdown in and Afrikan born in amerikkka that allows them to behave like Raven and Stacey Dash. I am biracial so it is amusing to watch them play a fool of them self. Until they come to that realization they will continue to play out that self hatred and some of us biracial Blacks will cling to a dream of being white when all the time they are seen as differently. I am glad I identified myself correctly from I was very young. When I was first called a ‘nigger’, as traumatizing as it was I still at least knew who I was. I respond only to the Afrikan in me as I find it so difficult to respond to being white. What being white represents sends my spirit crazy so no attachment is there. I accept those whom have always accepted and Loved me and that is indeed my Afrikan family! Those whom I was raised among and nurtured to be the wonderful person I am. Afrika is born in me, it is in my DNA and I embrace it fully! So much less complicated! Welcome home Raven. Welcome home!

  6. bjbrooks.email@gmail.com' Barbara says:

    Darrell, it’s “has.” “Raven Symone has …” Singular. I hope being corrected does not offend you, but as a writer, you should know this.

  7. wayne_coy@hotmail.com' W Bujao Coy says:

    The article is rather vague when it mentions the buying power being measured at over a trillion dollars, but within what time frame? A day, a week, a month? If what you say is true about the buying power, it would a amount to $25,000. That being said the time becomes an important detail.

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