Raven-Symone Makes Her TV Comeback With Shocking Twist On Empire

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Empire season 1 episode 6 highlights:

MTV’s Sway guess starred on the Empire as himself and almost spilled the beans on Jamal’s love life the moment asked Jamal about “any girlfriends?” , in an interview as momma bear Cookie giving him nonverbal clues on the other side of the camera. Was she giving him the nod to go ahead and come out? Or telling him to make a smart play for his career as his career is catching fire with a new hit song. Then the plot thickens as Raven-Symone makes her return to the small screen with a little one and her game changing line:

“She wanted to meet her daddy!” DROP THE MIC!!!

Cookie Johnson Says She Already Knew Son E.J. Was Gay Before He Came Out:

Running up to Lucious (Terrence Howard), Cookie (Taraji P. Henson) and Jamal (Jussie Smollett), as well as the other members of the Lyons family, Olivia revealed her adorable daughter, Lola, is actually Jamal’s child! Yes, Jamal, their gay son.

So how long will Raven be sticking around to stir up trouble in the Lyons’ den?

Well, this is where it gets really interesting…

Sources say that Raven will appear again before the season one finale. Fans can definitely expect to see that adorable little girl Lola pop up again after tonight’s episode. As Jussie Smollett accurately said on Instagram, “$hit is about to get extra real.”


Though her debut was short, it had a major impact, delivering one of the breakout hit’s biggest jawdroppers so far.

Raven-Symone Officially Comes Out Kinda-Sorta But Not Really?

Raven since coming out as gay in real life have mostly been lowkey after starring on her hit Disney show That’s So Raven for four years, Raven returned to TV in 2011 with her short-lived ABC Family show Chasing Georgia. But Raven it seems the appearance may be a tune-up for a push to make a permanent return. “I will forever be in retirement. I deserve it,” The Cosby Show star said in an interview at the Empire premiere party back in January. “I’ve been working from three years-old to 27. I said, ‘I will always be on vacation and now I am going to do things that I want to do.’ I’m just not going to go hard all the time like I used to.”

Empire airs Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. on Fox. Click here to see full episode

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How is Lucious's jaw not on the floor?!

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