Prisoner Notoriously Known As Fleece “Booty Warrior” Johnson To Be Released

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If you’ve ever wondered what life in jail is really like, you’ve got two options: Get arrested or watch “Lockup,” a reality show on MSNBC. One notorious prisoner can scare another prisoner into dropping straight dropping his pants. His name is Fleece “Booty Warrior” Johnson. And according to Mo Barnes at Fleece will be out of prison next month.

“Convicted felon Fleece Johnson, known to fellow inmates as the “Booty Warrior,” is set for release from prison soon. Johnson received notoriety for raping his fellow inmates when he appeared on the MSNBC TV show “Lockup.” During the taped interview, he explained in detail how he enjoyed “booty” and how he picked out his victims. Notably, Johnson stated that he enjoyed choosing prisoners who had sagging pants; to Johnson, it was an invitation to rape. Johnson is quoted as saying, “In prison booty is more important than water.” (see below)

The interview became a pop culture phenomenon and was the source of comedy including an animated segment on the show “The Boondocks.” (see below)

The Boondocks Season 3 Episode 9 “Kids Go To Jail In Scare Straight Program Meet Booty warrior”

Now, Johnson is scheduled to be released from prison in September 2015 and the Kentucky ‘Booty Warrior’ will be back on the streets. Johnson has been locked up in maximum security prison since 1979 and his raping of fellow inmates is no joke. Now, seeing him walking down the street will be a source of fear for all to experience.


Let’s hope those young men who wear their pants sagging below the buttocks don’t tempt the booty warrior into his old prison ways. As he has done enough time being caged up.

Source: Mo Barnes/

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