Power Of Faith, The Foundation Of Religion

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In the picture above , a man of the cloth is pointing at a picture of Jesus Christ on a cross, the symbol of Christianity. Attending church was the only time an African-American slave could get some reprieve from hard field labor,hence the longer worship times for African-American churches even still today, long after slavery. Believing in a spiritual being more powerful than their slave-owning masters was often the reason why African-Americans grew in faith , praying for god to deliver them from a life of bondage. Ironically many slaves were converted to Christianity by their masters.

Power of faith

The power of faith… But… What is faith? Faith: According to Wikipedia: faith is the confidence of trust in a person, thing ,deity, or in the doctrines or teachings of a religion, it may also be a belief that is not based on proof.


Therefore for most faith is opposed to reason. It’s the question that cannot be settled by evidence. And the only possible way to know of faith’s presence is to have… little or nothing else but faith. When faith is strong it can be life transforming and powerful, even more powerful than the faithful can ever imagine.

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denzel praying

This is why since as far back as the origins of man kind, many have studied many doctrines of religion for increased enlightenment of faith. However while there are many churches and schools that will teach you faith in god or a spiritual doctrine, how does one get a true understanding of faith? How does one reach beyond the biblical scriptures and history to a more spiritual realm that is beyond race, religion and cultures? How does one reach the spiritual realm that lays within us that is even more natural than a newborn baby having a natural faith in its mother for survival? A state of mind that is so elusive that we think with a more heighten sense of self, choosing our friendships ,words, thoughts as if you have the enlighten sense of faith.

One can only hope that they can trust in ones self in order to find faith within and then have enough trust in self to uncover its full potential is where the truth and journey begins. However without a sense of faith in self, we most certainly can fall victim to the slickery and trickery of the false prophets. The ones who assume the identity of teachers of the WORD and make promises of salvation and life purpose but pray upon the lost and confused souls. For these lost souls, the power of faith may never be uncovered but suppressed deep within.


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