New Footage Of Katt Williams Vs.Teen Shows Katt Being Backed Against A Brick Wall By Trash Talking Teen

| March 24, 2016 | 1 Comment


The new footage of the Katt Williams Vs. Teen just may save Katt Williams from going to jail. The full version of the now viral video of the altercation between Katt Williams vs.teen, where Katt punches then gets choked out by a teen, shows the moments leading up to the altercation.

In new footage Katt Williams seems to enjoy playing a friendly game of soccer with a group of kids before all hell breaks loose. The footage shows Katt, who appears to be exhausted running off the soccer to get water or his wind while the teen follows Katt off the field and backs him against a brick wall where he taunts Katt to get up, baiting him into a fight. As the teen, who has now been identified as 17-year-old Luke Wash from Gainsville, Florida follows Kat off the field the two seem to be talking trash but what is most revealing in the unedited footage is that the Luke Wash, who is said to be a former high school wrestler, seem to be the aggressor, taunting Katt with strong language to get up and fight before the actual altercation.

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  1.' anonymouse says:

    You still can’t punch people for talking.

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