Nelly The Next To Take Shots At The Champ-Floyd Mayweather

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Diddy said it best when he said the more money you have the more problems you have.

For the richest athlete in America , fighting is nothing new but dealing with several high-profile celebrity beefs may be cause for concern.

The champ reignited his spat with T.I. and 50 Cent’s still poking fun at him on Instagram.

Now Nelly is taking shots at a man who has never lost a professional fight.

“I don’t have a beef with Floyd Mayweather, for me, for the most part. I think the whole thing is misunderstood. I try to understand where he’s coming from, which is a little hard to do, but it’s just one of those things where, I guess, he who he is. He’s one of those people who don’t like the word, ‘No’, said to him. I think if anybody does that, I think that’s what kinda gets underneath his skin a little bit. But uhh, I don’t know. It’s kinda hard talking to a guy who hasn’t graduated from high school.”

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