Nelly And Loose Cannon Slim Reignites Long Standing Beef After Former Business Associate Makes Ashanti His #WCW

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Throwback Thursday took off this week after Nelly and Loose Cannon Slim fired shots towards each other using their ex-women…

It seems like Ashanti still has a spell on Nelly despite the fact that he is now with Miss Jackson. Nelly apparently didn’t take too well to his former associated Loose Cannon Slim making Ashanti his #WCW or Ashanti returning the love by liking Slim’s pictures.

Nelly then got the petty itch as he posted a photo of himself and Slim’s baby mama on an old Apple Bottom’s photo shoot with a caption that suggested business and pleasure were mixed after the shoot.


“#TBT One of the first Applebottom photoshoots…… I still have some out takes of this one I can’t even show YALL I was a wildboy back in these days the photoshoot was fun but the after parties was way better … lets just say I was the fixer back then also😳😳😳😳 #THEFIX”

Loose Cannon Slim:

“I hate corny ass internet ppl!! So this nicca @derrtymo started the shit by making a post bout my son mother with sum lies and I respond wit #FACTS and I’m wrong??? Jus ask the homie @Floydmayweather how much he spent to #FIX da broad and where he found her! Lmao if anybody in their feelings its pimp juice nicca mad cuz I made Ashanti my #wcw and she like the pics ?? Nigga I been posting her for weeks u tryin to get promo for that wacc ass single!! If u so happy wit yo new bitch why u worried about your ex??? Nicca it ain’t my fault u traded in a #Ferrari for a #Ford!! #TheFix available now on iTunes!!!! #LooseCannonWildlife

Slim then posted a photo of Miss Jackson, Nelly’s current girlfriend, claiming they had a sexual encounter and that she has been under several alterations… with a caption:
“#TBT I remember doin this #Applebottom search goin city to city meeting bad bitches and having sum crazy fun in my hotel room afterwards.
This was the day I met one of my old nasty favorites from Opa-Locka. Head was so fire I had to take her on the road w/ me, but y’all might not recognize her tho cuz this right before she got #TheFix with all them got damn surgeries! 💉🔪✂️💊 Lmao
You came a long way baby @missjackson !

Mayweather appear to co-sign Slim claims as he liked Slim’s pic.

“These two St. Lunitics have an ongoing beef that spans as far back as 10 years ago. They went at it on Twitter in 2011 over Nelly saying he wasn’t participating in Slim’s celebrity basketball game in St. Louis and calling Slim a “Shady.Lame.Ignorant.M*********.” He also said Slim owed him money. Slim countered by saying Nelly went broke spending all his money on coke, pills, steroids and Ashanti…”

Many have tried to boost their careers by picking a fight with a well connected music industry insider But it’s not often that someone has enticed a hip hop mogul to beef with them.

Nelly is so rich if he doesn’t sell another album for the rest of his life he will still die a rich man. So why beef over an old flame? Or… Does Loose Cannon Slim, his old friend, know something we don’t know?


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