Mayweather Out Maneuvers Aggresive Pacquiao To Win ‘Tactically Cautious’ Fight But Get Trolled On Twitter

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It was billed the fight of the century. With a $300 million purse it was certainly the most profitable. Floyd Mayweather made an estimated $138,000 every second he was in the ring with Manny Pacquiao. Outside the ring, you could hear boos from the crowd as Pacquiao fans surely out numbered Mayweather fans.

Floyd Mayweather may have won the match in the end but it was clear who was the people’s champion. In a high-intensity and often tactically cautious fight, Mayweather outboxed and out maneuvered the more aggressive Manny Pacquiao to improve his record to an unblemished 48 fights with o losses, cementing his place as one of the greatest fighters of all-time.

Although Mayweather controlled the tempo and punches of Pacquiao, fans did not appreciate the way he won. Fans wanted to see the boxers square off in the middle of the ring, exchanging blows. But Mayweather fought Pacquiao with great respect for his punching power cautiously ducking and dodging the heavy handed Pacquiao for most of the fight. As a result of his tactics boxing fans trolled the champ. Check out the tweets below:

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