Mayweather Face Off Against Berto In His Career Grand Finale, Wants To Retire In Good Health

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In the video above Mayweather and Berto face off during the last weigh-ins yesterday. Today’s fight will make history either way. Being the last fight for Mayweather at 49-0 he will tie Rocky Marciano’s record, or if the heavy underdog Berto wins. And although most critic say Mayweather will win easily and the fight is a waste of time and not worth the pay per view cost, most fans will buy it to see the last fight of Mayweather’s storied career.

At 38 years of age Floyd Mayweather Jr. has made history as one of the best pound for pound fighters ever. He fought the best fighters in the world and beat them… all of them. He is the undisputed champion of the world.

Mayweather wants to leave on top and in good health:

“This is it. My health is more important than anything. I have a sharp mind, and I want to leave the sport the same way,” Mayweather said at a recent news conference.

His ‘swan song’ is the Andre Berto , who is, contrary to Mayweather critics, a true champion and has always been and prized fighter his whole life. Berto is 30-3 and has been a champion on every level of boxing from Golden Gloves, Olympics and the current WBA welterweight champion.

Check out Berto’s highlights below:

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