Mallence Bart Williams discuss the systematic exploitation of Africa

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This is a MUST WATCH! Mallence Bart-Williams eloquently discusses the systematic exploitation of the African continent at a TEDx conference in Berlin in 2015.

The entrepreneur from Sierra Leone asks some very pertinent questions and talks about the imbalance given that the western world relies on Africa’s wealth since Africa has the gold reserves, yet their currency has no value in comparison to others. Meanwhile, organizations like Oxfam, UNICEF and the Red Cross insist on spending huge amounts of money to create PR campaigns that paint Africa out to be poor and dying and surviving on the mercy of the West. They give with one hand under the flashing lights of cameras and then take back with the other hand when no one is watching. She quotes French president Jacques Chirac:

“We have to be honest and acknowledge that a big part of the money in our banks comes precisely from the exploitation of the African content. Without Africa France will slide down in the rent of a third world power.”

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TEDx is a global non-profit organization devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks (18 minutes or less).

Mallence Bart-Williams was born in Cologne, Germany. She is a Sierra Leonean writer and filmmaker and a German fashion designer. She pursued her studies in economics and finance in Paris, Singapore, and Great Britain.

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