KNOW THE TRUTH! The True History of fried chicken , The Chicken George story

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History of fried chicken , The Chicken George story

In 1812 way back in the days when a hoe was a hoe(a tool used for garden cultivation), Leroy George Johnson AKA(Chicken George) a Kentucky slave from a small town in Kentucky’s Marshall county called Possum Trot ( East of Paducah ) combined flour , lard and chicken and placed it in a relatively controllable flame to cook for his daughter Annie Mae’s 1st birthday party. The dish would soon be the staple of what we call today soul food. Most slaves weren’t able to raise more expensive meats, and were allowed to have chickens, so frying chickens became a common occurrence on special occasions throughout black communities in the south.
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Since the American Civil War, traditional slave foods like fried chicken, watermelon, and chitterlings have suffered a strong association with African-American stereotypes and blackface minstrelsy. This was commercialized for the first half of the 20th century by restaurants like Sambo’s and Coon Chicken Inn, which selected exaggerated depictions of blacks as mascots, implying quality by their association with the stereotype.

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The great American fried chicken heist

In 1929 a white chef and budding entrepreneur Harland Sanders went onto a sharecropping plantation after hearing about this delicious chicken dish. After one bite he grabbed the whole bucket of freshly made chicken and took off running. It would go down in history as the great American fried chicken heist. Sanders was later bestowed the title of Colonel by the governor of Kentucky in recognition for his bravery. Colonel Sanders went on to sell fried chicken to million of white people all across the globe.
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The truth about the Tiger Woods chicken story

On two occasions the golfer Tiger Woods has been the target of remarks regarding fried chicken. The first occurred in 1997 when golfer Fuzzy Zoeller said that Woods should avoid choosing fried chicken for the Masters champions’ dinner the following year;the second when golfer Sergio García was asked in a press conference in 2013 whether he would invite Woods to dinner during the U.S. Open to settle their ongoing feud. García said: “We will have him round every night . . . We will serve fried chicken,” which Woods said was “wrong, hurtful and clearly inappropriate”.Both Zoeller and García subsequently apologized to Woods.
Woods accepted their apologies however refused to give the golfers no more than one piece of chicken a piece after he won the masters and chose fried chicken as his main dish of choice. Furthermore Woods insisted that the golfers not lick their fingers at the table and refrain from saying “finger licking good!” The dinner would go down in history as the best and first dignified masters champions dinner.

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Lisa Jackson, a former employee of restaurants owned by Paula Deen and her brother, Earl “Bubba” Hiers, filed a lawsuit alleging racial and sexual discrimination. Jackson, who is white, is alleging that Deen made derogatory remarks regarding African-Americans which were personally offensive because her nieces are bi-racial with an African-American father. For her comments Paula announced that she would start making chicken free of charge to black people on holidays at her restaurants.

paula dean apology

Despite the negative and derogatory association with fried chicken ,it is still the number one favorite soul food dish for African-Americans and will more than likely remain a favorite for hoods around the world.

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