Kendrick Lamar – ‘For Free’ Interlude Video Is A MUST WATCH!

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We knew Kendrick Lamar walked to the drum of a different beat but the ‘For Free’ video concept magnifies the Compton rapper’s eccentricities.

If you ever wondered what free thought sounds like , watch and listen as the hip hop virtuoso Kendrick Lamar gets closer than any artist in the history of hip hop to creating a creative utopia: (where thoughts roam free).

In the video Lamar is in a grand mansion where he chases around ‘America the bootiful’ but pretentious video vixen playing the role of a thot who does what every ostentatious thot does: “Talk Sh*t”, (among other things).

Oblivious to the conversation Lamar disrobe and emphatically tells her “This D*** Aint Free”.

Yes as “out of pocket” as it may sound Lamar pushes the envelope even further as the song starts with a full Gospel choir singing one note before modulating into a Jazz Quintet playing hard-swinging free Jazz.

As the tenor saxophonist improvise over the percussionist hard-swinging groove on hi-hat and snare drum , they set the perfect tone for a composition ripe for limitless creativity and free thoughts.

Well timed Lamar enters the song in a poet’s whisper to brilliantly explain the revelation that the symbol for his manhood is yet still in bondage and not as free as people assume.

Building on the metaphor he delivered in ‘Wesley’s theory’ where he falls victim to the pimps of the music industry, Lamar delivers the song’s deep eloquent message.

In the video the thot , who is clearly playing both sides , may or not have caught on that he knows the game.

However, she suspects he knows something by the way he’s playing her in the video.

As for the man in bondage , from the various patriotic themes its assumed that it’s the old American way for a black men to get screwed.

“I need forty acres and a mule
Not a forty ounce and a pitbull”

But the savvy Lamar looks at the situation, from an opportunistic perspective, and decides if he’s going to get f**ked , he prophetically professes it WON’T be ‘FOR FREE’.

“Every dog has it’s day, now doggy style shall help
This d*** ain’t free”

The thot’s revealing response at the end of the song , when it’s clear he has all his bases covered is classic.


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