Katt Williams Challenges Kevin Hart To A $5 Million Battle! After Kevin Throws Shade

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OH Sh!T! It’s going down as Katt Williams just challenged Kevin Hart to a battle of his choice: Rap,Basketball,Boxing or Comedy, in Kevin’s hometown of Philadelphia. The winner gets one million per round, five rounds in total. It’s unlikely Kevin Hart will back down, especially in his hometown where his family, including his dad, brothers and other relatives are likely to attend.

Just like a championship bout, the kings of comedy may go at it for reign supreme of comedy.

For the pass couple of days Katt has been throwing shade at Kevin Hart.

During a stop on his Conspiracy Theory tour at Atlanta’s Philips Arena, Williams closed out his show with a few words in regards to Hart’s career. Calling Hart a “puppet,” Williams blamed his notion on the powers that be.

“I’ve already proven that if the best they got in comedy is Kevin Hart — don’t you boo a black man working hard, baby,” he said as the crowd reacted with boos. “Even if that n****’s a puppet, it’s not his fault. We don’t get mad. Just because I’m better than some black dudes, doesn’t mean I’m better than no black dudes. I’m saying if you want to be mad at Kermit The Frog, don’t be mad at Kermit The Frog, be mad at Jim Henson. Don’t say, ‘F**k Donald Duck’ when you really mean, ‘F**k Walt Disney.’”

Williams went on to wish Hart “the best,” while separating himself as a comedian who refuses to participate in the “puppet show.”

“I don’t care nothin’ ‘bout that happens to Kevin [Hart], I just wish him the best. I just know that that’s somebody’s hand is stuck up that baby, you understand? Oh, we’re a puppet show, boo boo. Please believe it. You’re looking at the only n**** that ain’t.”

The 44-year-old star then concluded that he held the reigns of the legacy of the late, great Richard Pryor. He also alluded to certain Hollywood stars having to exchange sexual favors for success.

“So, since I’ve already officially proven to myself that I really am who Richard Pryor passed his torch to, and that I was able to do it without letting a man suck my d**k, or sucking a man’s d**k. I walked in with a virgin a**hole, I walked out with a virgin a**hole. I got the same soul today that I had when I did Pimp Chronicles all the way right here to the end of Pimp Chronicles.”

During Sunday night’s (Feb. 28) Oscars, Hart seemingly offered a reply to the most recent insults lodged against him, choosing to display unity amongst comedians with Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle. “True professionals understand the importance of sticking together & supporting one another,” he wrote. “It’s about helping one another not trying to tear each other down!!!! The insecure ones will never understand what ‘Support & encouragement’ [mean].”

Apparently Katt wasn’t too happy with the subliminal message because today Katt Williams challenged Kevin Hart to a five million dollar battle in Kevin’s hometown.

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