K. Michelle Confronts Angela Yee For ‘Smelly VaJayJay’ Jokes, Being Instigator

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Monday The Breakfast Club Clowned K. Michelle asking guests Maino and Uncle would they hit it even if it was stinky. The jokes were crude and rude but shamefully hilarious, maybe even one of its’ best moments on the show.

But did they take it too far? Yes they did! According to K. Michelle, the comments went way too personal and she appeared on the Breakfast Club yesterday to make it known. But unexpectedly K. Michelle dismissed the boys crude behavior and confronted Angela Yee, claiming that she instigated the harmful comments against her.

“You brought that up and then you was being all instigating,” she says. “When he said he was gonna sleep with me, you was like, ‘Ew, you nasty.’”

“You’re a woman and I think I’ve been very cool and very supportive of you,” K. Michelle says to Yee. “The interview was over and the credits were running. You brought that back up. And the thing about that is, I know you want ratings, but you are a woman. And no woman wants a body. And no woman wants nothing like that on them. So they wasn’t even talking about that. You brought that back up. ”

Angela Yee defended her actions to K. Michelle by saying that she did not mean any negativity towards her.

“I’m saying, ‘How could you say that about a woman and then still say you hit it?'” she says about Uncle Murda and his comments. “‘That means there’s something wrong with you.’”

K. Michelle excuses the guys’ behavior, including co-hosts DJ Envy and Charlamange, saying that “these niggas right here don’t give a fuck. They’re nasty. Their balls hanging.” She throws a slight jab at Maino as well for promoting a mixtape at the age of 40. But she says that as a woman, Yee has a responsibility that the guys don’t.

“You sat there and chuckled,” she says. “You did that and you don’t know what that might have done to me. If I wasn’t a bitch that was drinking her drink, cashing her checks …it might would’ve fucked up my whole motherfucking day.”

View The Breakfast Club interview of K. Michelle confronting Angela Yee and the interview with Maino and Uncle Murda below:

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