Jay Z Release Powerful Visuals To ‘The Story Of OJ’

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Jay Z has just released the visials to ‘the story of OJ’ and it’s powerful! The animated video features an animated character named Jaybo, who’s reminiscent of the racist cartoons created in the early 20th century.

The eight-minute clip, that is available exclusively of Tidal. Hov, Kendrick Lamar, Will Smith and Chris Rock and Michael B. Jordan also share their thoughts on race and injustice.

Click here to see video on Tidal

In the tweet below, actor Michael B. Jordan is heard giving his take on being Black in America as water ripples across the screen.

“Being Black in America is like being in a tiny, compressed box anchored at the bottom of the ocean with like 10,000 pounds of pressure on you at all times, you know, and feeling like you cannot really speak your truth and be who you are without being like criticized with like 1,000 opinions and pointed fingers telling you what you’re not and what you’re not doing,” Jordan says.

“We tend to, as Black people—’cause we never had anything, which is understandable—we get to a place and we just think we separate ourself from the culture,” JAY-Z shares. “Like O.J. will get to a space where he’s like, ‘I’m not Black, I’m O.J.’ Like Tiger Woods will get to a space and think, ‘I’m above the culture.’”

Kendrick Lamar looks back on his childhood, at the age of 5, when he witnessed a Black man get killed in front of his apartment building. “The disrespect and the manner that this officer—he was a bad officer, I would say that for sure—that he approached my mother with was completely out of line,” K. Dot recalls.

According to Hov himself, he created “The Story of O.J.” to push the culture forward. “‘The Story of O.J.’ is really a song about we as a culture, having a plan, how we’re gonna push this forward,” the Brooklyn MC states. “We all make money, and then we all lose money, as artists especially. But how, when you have some type of success, to transform that into something bigger.”

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