If You Were To Pick A Musical Artist To Represent This Moment In Time Who Would It Be?

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“Don’t all dogs go to heaven? Don’t Gangsta’s boogie? Do owl shit stank? Lions, Tigers & Bears. But TO PIMP A BUTTERFLY. It’s the American dream nigga….” – lil Homie.

If there was ever a choice to pick an artist that truly represented hip hop at this moment who would you choose? My vote would be for Kendrick Lamar. Why? simple, he has the respect of the legends of hip hop and the true artistry to take hip hop to new plateaus. He’s not just in the music business for the fame and fortune but a genuine artist who will indeed stand the test of time.

You will rarely witness Lamar flexing on how much money he make or how many bad bit*hes he get. Yet he has the confidence and swag to proclaim himself “The king of New York” long before he earned the respect of his elders.

To pimp a butterfly goes with the year 2015 like jam goes with peanut butter. In his song ‘Alright’ he says:

Wouldn’t you know
We been hurt, been down before
Nigga, when our pride was low
Lookin’ at the world like, “Where do we go?”
Nigga, and we hate po-po
Wanna kill us dead in the street for sure
Nigga, I’m at the preacher’s door
My knees gettin’ weak and my gun might blow
But we gon’ be alright

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