Grammy Nominated Singer Blu Cantrell Enters Pyche Ward After Screaming Rant About People Wanting To Poison Her

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The Grammy nominated singer Blu Cantell is hospitalized by the police in California after erratic outburst. She was found by the police screaming in the streets that someone had poisoned her with gas.

The singer is famed for her 2001 hit debut single ‘”Hit em up” style(Oops)’. The song earned Cantrell two Grammy award nominations.

Blu Cantrell is also known as rapper Jay Z’s ex-girlfriend. Sources say the relationship with Jay Z happened long before he and Beyonce got together , though Blu Cantrell is rumored to have referenced Beyonce’s now husband in a song entitled S.O.S.(Tell Me Where You At) , according to VLADTV the song lyrics which refers to Jay Z goes thes way:

“When I was your girl, and you were my man, I stood by your side, when no one was there – all the way to the end, If you’d ever need me. But instead it seems you left me for dead.”

“What you said with your mouth, you didn’t show with your actions, And foolishly I believed it, Now I’m the one who has to deal with the let down – broken promises that you made to me.”

It is also said that Blu Ivey name was taking from Blu Cantrell.

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