Dr. Dre’s Beats Electronics Face $20 Million Lawsuit

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Dr. Dre celebrate with singer Tyrese what appears to be the sell of Beats Electronics.
Tyrese saying that the Forbes list needs to be updated to include Dr.Dre as the first hip hop billionaire./Photo courtesy of Youtube

Former Beats Electronics employee is saying: “Wait a minute! PAY ME!”.
Just a week after reports of a major deal between Dre Beats Electronics and Apple Computers Beats face a $20 million Lawsuit.

David Hyman , the founder of the online music subscription service MOG, is suing Beats claiming he was wrongfully fired before receiving his full incentive plan.

According to reports he was relieved of his duties less than a year after Beats purchased his company MOG in 2012. Hyman claims he is entitled to compensation including 2.5 percent equity in Beats with 1 percent due on the anniversary of Hyman’s date of employment , followed by equity installments.

Hyman was fired before reaching his first anniversary , which he claims was a deliberate effort to swindle him out of what was called: “current outstanding equity interest”

Hyman seeks what he feels is fare compensatory damages of $20 million.

Although the sale of Beats electronics is not confirmed reports indicate that the two companies are close to a deal valued at over 3 billion dollars.

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