Dr Boyce Watkins: Why Lil Wayne is the ultimate white supremacist

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I’m not usually the person who will bash our black stars who have broke through to make it into areas and wealth that most of us will never see. Mainly, because I thought it was counter productive to up lifting our community as a whole.

Plus one of the reasons why I started this blog was because I was fed up with going on social media only to be confronted with the anti-blackness messages on a consistent basis by mainstream media.

My goal when starting this blog was to enlighten and encourage my fellow citizens, black and white, that black is not always negative but can be inspirational in the face of tremendous odds.

However, My heart sunk deep when I saw that one of our most prominent black stars told mainstream media that he doesn’t give a damn about black lives because he’s rich and the movement won’t affect him one way or the other. Granted Lil Wayne is a known codeine and weed addict but it still hurt since I contributed to his wealth in attending his concerts and buying his recordings.

It seems somehow when you have money your human empathy disappears.

It’s almost similar to the story my rich boss told me while ago while I was a guest sailing on his 40 foot yacht. He told me that he was so heart-broken when a homeless family walked into the bookstore without coats in below freezing weather to purchase books. He was so distraught he walked right out of the bookstore with no further desire to shop.

Below watch Dr. Boyce Watkins explain more collegiality my feelings in why Lil Wayne is not only anti-black but why is the ultimate weapon for white supremacist.

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