Did You Know? Rakim, Arguably The Hardest Rapper To Rap, Never Used One Curse In Not A Single Verse, EVER!

| February 25, 2016 | 9 Comments

Here’s an incredible fact that many younger cats may not know but…Did You Know? Rakim, Arguably The Hardest Rapper To Rap, Never Used One Curse In Not A Single Verse, EVER!

Hip Hop Lyrical Genius Rakim Discusses His Writing Technique In Interview With KRS One


“Although he never became a household name, Rakim is near-universally acknowledged as one of the greatest MCs — perhaps the greatest — of all time within the hip-hop community. It isn’t necessarily the substance of what he says that’s helped him win numerous polls among rap fans in the know; the majority of his lyrics concern his own skills and his Islamic faith. But in terms of how he says it, Rakim is virtually unparalleled. His flow is smooth and liquid, inflected with jazz rhythms and carried off with an effortless cool that makes it sound as though he’s not even breaking a sweat.”

In an revealing interview Boom Bap nation gets another lyrical genius KRS One to dig deep and discuss his writing technique and style.

Rakim #rakim #oldschool #hiphop #oldschoolhiphop #oldschoolhiphop4life

A photo posted by @os_hiphop on

Rakim #rakim #oldschool #hiphop #oldschoolhiphop #oldschoolhiphop4life

A photo posted by @os_hiphop on

Quote Source: Rakim’s biography

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  1. langstonwilkins@gmail.com' Langston says:

    He cursed in his first single “My Melody”

  2. langstonwilkins@gmail.com' Langston says:

    He also cussed on several of his solo songs later in his career

  3. milrob@gmail.com' Robert says:

    Check your facts bro. Your story was false right out of the gate. Lol!

  4. msmatt2010@gmail.com' Michele Matthews says:

    No one cares about facts anymore. They just want someone to click on their articles. Sad.

  5. joekollege@gmail.com' Joe says:

    “…you know how far a kiss could go. F*ck around and miss the show.” -Rakim from “Mahogany”

  6. mgxenterprises@hotmail.com' Gerald Greene says:

    He cursed on his 2nd album. 4 get which song, but the verse was “FUCKED around and almost missed the shiw”..

  7. regend@gmail.com' regend says:

    Wrong! He is a household name. Wack journalism here.

  8. vicvazquez88@hotmail.com' Vic says:

    He has. In The Watcher 2 he says shit. But still one of the greatest. Please don’t make a claim if it isn’t 100% correct.

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