Did Reggie Bush Break Up A Marriage?

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Life on and off the field for Reggie Bush has usually meant a high-profile spotlight that’s brought both fame and infamy. With his playing career now on the down side, the 31-year-old Bush’s infamous side is now making more news with rumors that he’s considered the other man in a pending divorce case.


Bush, who’s been married to Lilit Avagyan since 2014, has allegedly been carrying on an affair with a 34-year-old Miami cocktail waitress named Monique Exposito. To make the situation even more lurid, Exposito is pregnant with her second child and is set to give birth sometime in February. Bush and Avagyan have two children together.


Exposito’s estranged husband, French businessman Alexandre Bastin, has filed for divorce, mentioning Bush by name in the legal document as the reason for the breakup. Bastin is claiming that Bush is the father of Exposito’s unborn baby and is demanding that evidence be produced to determine the father, including such things as a DNA test.


Back in November, one rumor was floated that Bush had offered Exposito $3 million to have an abortion. Bush’s wife was reportedly aware of both the situation and the alleged offer. While there’s never been any confirmation of the offer, one rumor indicated that Exposito kept the money without going through with the abortion.


The marriage between Exposito and Bastin reportedly came about because Bastin was in danger of being deported. Their November 2014 wedding presumably put an end to that threat, with many media reports calling their relationship a marriage of convenience. One of the alleged perks for her in such an agreement was that he paid her $30,000 each month, along with a monthly allowance and a car.


Exposito and Bush apparently met through a third party while Bush was playing for the Miami Dolphins. He allegedly flew her to his California home on multiple occasions to carry on the supposed affair.


Bush is not the first professional athlete with which Exposito has reportedly been involved. Former Miami Heat center Alonzo Mourning had apparently been in a prior relationship with Exposito, even though he’s been married since 1997. This rumor-driven story also floated the rumor that during her time with Mourning, Exposito was undergoing fertility treatments in order to get pregnant.


When the news came out, Bush’s representatives issued a statement that simply indicated that he was happily married, with no information either confirming or denying the validity of the story, referring to the allegations as rumors.


Bush’s tumultuous life has brought with it many controversies of this nature, beginning with his recruitment and playing career for the Southern Cal Trojans. After winning the Heisman Trophy, Bush was ordered to return it after he was retroactively ruled ineligible for receiving payments as a collegiate player.


A later relationship with reality star Kim Kardashian gained plenty of attention before the couple eventually decided to break up in 2011 after approximately four years of being together.



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  1. This is messy! First, this isn’t the first time that she was allegedly a side chick to a baller. The next thing is what do you say to the child when he or she is old enough to understand it all.

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