Did Falsetto Singing Destroy Maxwell’s Voice? Years After Throat Surgery The Grammy Winner Still Struggling To Return To Original Form

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Maxwell has been credited with helping to shape what has been termed the “neo soul” movement that rose to prominence during the late 1990s. But years after throat surgery the Grammy winning singer still struggles with vocal problems.

On March 23, 2015 Maxwell soothes the soul of music enthusiast at Jazz In The Gardens 10! The Grammy winning singer-songwriter and lady favorite Maxwell, cloaked in a violet suit, shut down the 10th annual music fest by immediately belting out the hits that make the ladies knees quiver such as “This Woman’s Work,” “Pretty Wings,” and other hits that put the finishing touches on a sold out Jazz in the Gardens.

But for Maxwell fans looking to catch the singer live this year, you may be shocked to know that the Miami concert is the only date for the singer this Spring. Is this due to throat problems?

Although the singer tours regularly in the Spring and Summer, Maxwell only perform once this summer, July 24, 2015 at Paul Brown Stadium, Cincinnati, OH.

In 2012 Maxwell canceled his 2012 tour due to throat problems. The 42-year-old Brooklyn, New York native developed some vocal swelling and hemorrhaging. The neo-soul man was advised by doctors to take a break from touring. Maxwell’s doctors also recommended vocal rest and that he immediately undergo treatment for his voice.


According to Blackdoctor.org in 2009: “the singer had to go through throat surgery because of swelling. This is always a tricky surgery for singers, as it is their primary instrument and there are so many things that can go wrong. Normally, the vocal cords are pearly white without any vasculature. However, when a blood vessel is present in the vocal cords. The issue with a blood vessel within the vocal cord itself is that it fluctuates in size due to whether it is irritated from phono-trauma or even hormones. When the blood vessel becomes engorged and traumatized, it may even rupture leading to a vocal cord hemorrhage.” For a singer like Maxwell whose signature sound is from his high-pitched falsetto range a hemorrhage in the vocal range could possibly be the threat that is keeping him off a grueling tour schedule.

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