DEEP THOUGHT: “YOU DON’T KNOW ME!” , The Racist Within

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Deep thought: “YOU DON”T KNOW ME”

Let face it Race in America is an issue, A SERIOUS ISSUE, with many different angles and point of views.
Sometimes the people who have lived in the hood all their lives and have experienced racism first hand are not called racist when they get paid and they travel clear across town to spend their dollars in other communities, while black business struggle to stay afloat. But when white businessmen invest in developments to upgrade communities they are often criticized as trying to take over neighborhoods. What gives. One could suggest that the racist is unconsciously lurking deep within many African Americans? Consider this: If you are not actively improving the black community economically by spending at least some of your dollars with black businesses , although you are black and live in a black neighborhood and have all black friends you still could be unconsciously a racist. Fact: Even the beloved black celebrities fall victim to bootleg copies of their recordings and films. Sometimes the truth hurts but if every African American would consciously make an effort to support black business or at the very least ask yourself why you are not , the impact on the black community would be tremendous.

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If we take a deep look at racism you will find that it doesn’t have a color. Just because a person is black doesn’t mean that he or she is pro black. Or just because a person is white doesn’t mean that that person is racist. There are many white people raised in all white communities that are more pro black than the people who claim to always keep it real.A good example of this would the white teacher who devotes his or her life to educating kids in an all black schools but the thug that claims to be pro black only to commits violent crimes against other blacks or sell drugs to other blacks. One person is uplifting the hood while the other takes action in destroying it. In this example both individuals understand the struggle but only one is actively taking steps to improve it. Which brings true the old adage “ YOU DON”T KNOW ME”! The question is do YOU know yourself?



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