Celebrities that you did not Know Have Big Onions Bootys

| February 16, 2014


celebrities you didnt know cover Onion

At Memoirs of an urban gentleman we appreciate a fine booty. One that has the right amount of round plumpness choice that we find attractive in a woman. A booty that is so well proportioned it will make a man risk the extra look or two. Just as long a we don’t break the 3 seconds stare rule: (“one , two three look away”) repeat as needed. A booty that has just the right jiggle waist and hip ratio. A booty that will…well quite honestly make a grown man cry tears of joy in appreciation a fine booty.

onion booty bria with long black ribbon

He have did or research extensively in the search of fine booty and discovered some well known celebrities that are not quite known for their fine booty but should be worth a second look , respectfully of course.

erica badu booty

Erica Badu has been in the music business for quite some time for her music however lately as we see her on stage with Janelle Monae you can see that in her spandex lies a talent unknown to the average fan and maybe could use some closer observation for precise onion booty measurements.

tracy ross cover pic1

Tracy Ross the daughter of legendary singer Diana Ross has been in the spotlight for years but not for her onion booty but for her acting chops.

tracy ross pic 2

However if more men knew the onion that she has she would prolly have to go around passing out tissue because if she walks pass you can’t help but notice the onion. DANMMM!

tracy ross pic3

Good GAWD!!~K.MIchelle

k Mechelle  red hair

Recently K. Michelle got into some tweet beefs with some of her followers for posting a pic with a Budda statue in the background. However the minute I looked at the picture I thought ” How in the could somebody look at something other than her redonkulous onion booty, Really?



Brandy has had a long career in Show business but I remember her Moesha days and watching a brief but yet shocking glimpse of her onion in the slasher movie “I Still Know What You Did Last Summer”. I was like ” Dayyyum!

celebrity onion bootys serena williams

Serena Williams is prolly one of the greatest tennis pros of all-time but I can guarantee you that it will prolly be a while before we see another tennis pro with a onion such as hers. OH LAWD!


Mya All that comes to mind…? Kot Dayyym!

If you have some that could use some further research be sure to let us know…

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