Celebrities before they were stars Vol.6

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John Legend

celebritiesbeforethey were famous1


Back in 1999 a 16-year-old Lebron James had not a trouble in the world , even his hairline was fully intact. The St.Vincent-St.Mary sophomore brushed off leaving high school for the NBA… Why? it was simple he had three best friends: Drew Willie and Sheon. While Drew is now a coach Sheon is working on his dream of playing in the NFL Willie is just finishing up his MBA with an M.



Would you be surprised if I told you that this young gentleman , after being cut from a minor league football team because…(well he wasn’t that good) , would go on to be the all-time greatest , blockbuster movie stars of our time. He , AKA Dewayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is shown in the 90’s with his hightop fade , nut clutching blue jeans , an extra high turtle neck and yes… A FANNY PAK!

celebrities before they were famous liljon collage

Lil Jon and the East side boyz came out hard in 97 straight up gangsta. But a couple of years before you could have got away with calling him four eyes. Wow this picture make his lipps look GARGANTUOUS! Making the girls scream “ HELL NAW” ! instead of his now famous “YEAH! “.

Drizzy Drake as Aubrey Graham before he fell in love with doing hoodrat things with his friends because it’ fun. Try saying “ Aubrey “ gangsta?

celebrities before they were famous collage drake

Denzel Washington has been a ladies man for so long with his famous smile but just imagine a less confident smiling Denzel?

celebrities before they were famous collage

Even as a kid Jay Z was a Scholar. Nothing has changed, he may be one of the smartest entertainers of all-time.

celebrities before they were famous jayz

Remember the sweet little Miley Cyrus before her twerking years. I know her dad Billy Rae Cyrus does , (no doubt). He’s saying what happen to my little girl.!?

celebrities before they were famous miley rae cyrus

Jamie Fox rocking the jheri curl like “ Ready for the world “OH Sheila!”

best celebrity teeth makeovers Jamie foxx

Pamela Anderson plastic surgery was money well spent. It really did make her famous. LAWD!

celebrity before and after pamela-anderson-tv-stars-plastic-surgery

Star Jones , you go gurl!

USA Network Celebrates the Opening of the 2002 US Open

Michael Jackson: if only somebody got him some help on his self-image.

June 1971, Los Angeles, Michael Jackson

Mariah Carey was always the cutest … even without the breast job.

Mariah Carey

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