Catch 22? Phaedra Park Loses Spousal Priviledge, Ordered By Judge To Reveal What She Knows About Her Husband Apollo Nida’s Criminal Activities

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Catch 22? Now that Phaedra Parks of the ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ has officially filed for a divorce , according to sources Parks was ordered by a judge to reveal what she knows about her husband , Apollo Nida’s , criminal activities.

In what seemed like a smart move backfires on the reality star. Recently Parks filed for a divorce from husband , Apollo Nida , possibly to avoid being liable for the huge judgement against her husband.

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When Apollo Nida was sentenced to 8 years in a federal prison by a Georgia Judge, for his involvement in a bank fraud and money laundering scam , he was also ordered to pay millions in restitution. It is believed that part of the reason for the speedy divorce from Nida was to avoid being sued by the federal government for everything she has, including garnishing future earning from her salary as a cast member from the ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ reality show, to settle her husband’s restitution judgement. However , divorcing Nida may take her out of the loop for the restitution but now it leaves her vulnerable to revealing what she knows about her husband’s criminal activities. By the spousal privilege law: a married spouse cannot be forced to testify against another spouse. But now that she has filed for a legal divorce the judge in the case can now probe into activities that could possibly incriminate the reality star, if it is discovered that she benefited in any way from her husband’s criminal activities.


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