Black On Black Racism: The Effects Of Slavery

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It seems that with the election of the country’s first black president Barack Obama that America would be turning the corner on racism in general. However this is not the case. Why? It seem that quite honestly, we (black Americans have issues of our on that has not been addressed. Black On Black Racism which is much more challenging to address. Some B.O.B racist are not even aware that they have a self image problem as a result of slavery , a mental disorder that is a psychological effect of slavery that impairs the minds of blacks. A sort of mental slavery have kept blacks in bondage well after the chains have been broken. The results of BOB racism can be detected in black neighborhood deterioration and the lack of support of black businesses by blacks. ” If it’s Black It’s Wack “

So as we can see the white racist more easily , it is the BOB racist that is often over looked. BOB racist are even more dangerous than white racist. The question is… How do a black person sue another black person who violated their civil rights because of the color of their skin? Often time litigation of BOB racism cases are dismissed or never even argued. In a recent phenomenon many conservatives are identifying BOB racists to push their conservative agendas. In a recent News telecast Charles made headline news when his poor self image problem became headline news after saving the Ohio kidnaping victims : he said: ” I knew something was wrong when a pretty girl ran into a black man’s arms. Something is wrong something is really wrong”

Charles-Ramsey pic texted

For his bravery Charles Ramsey received McDonalds for life but for the black community it was a subtle diss heard around the world. The fact that he said “black man” meant if he were a different color he would be more accepted. The chances are great that Charles is a BOB racist and may not even know it.

Politically BOB racist are common for conservatives. Every year conservatives bring a new BOB racist to push their political agendas that will in effect have negative consequences for blacks.

clarence thomas and bush

Supreme court judge Clarence Thomas a BOB racist from a small town in Georgia comes from a humble background. He knew what it was like to be cold and to be hungry. He grew up in the small African-American community of Pin Point, Georgia. However Thomas vote against allowing former death row inmate John Thompson — who was wrongly accused and convicted — to sue and collect for spending 18 years behind bars, 14 of them on death row. Thomas also voted to strike down affirmative action and the civil rights voting bill.

The judge elected to replace civil right activist Thurgood Marshall had this to say about his voting record:

“Perhaps some are confused because they have stereotypes of how blacks should be and I respectfully decline, as I did in my youth, to sacrifice who I am for who they think I should be.”

clarence thomas and wife
Clarence Thomas and Wife Virginia Lamp

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