Black On Black Racism? Lil Boosie Says Blacks Are The Worst Race

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Black On Black Racism: Exposing The Truth Part Three

Do the influence of gangsta rap contribute to the violence and deaths of African-Americans more than lynchings , or other racial related crimes?

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Louisiana rap legend Lil Boosie talks with Nitecaps’ Peter Baily about his influence over his legend of followers and the responsibility that comes with it. Although he admits to the negative stereotypes he portrayed in his music he says it is not because of his lack of love for his people but his desire to escape his circumstances by any means necessary. He went on to say that black Americans shouldn’t really care about perceived racism when the community harms itself so badly , saying point-blank that African-Americans are the worst race on the planet.

fast forward to the 17:30 mark to hear Boosie’s black on black comments.

It is time for a new way of thinking. It’s time for the black community to look at the current plight of the black condition and have some honest discussions about how we deal with the alarming statistics facing black America. While the fight against white racism is active and a powerful movement ,the fight against black on black racism is non-existent. Is this B.O.B Racism a result of a deep-seated self-image mental condition due to years in bondage? No one questions the black who spends the majority of his money with non black businesses. No one questions why in black community schools studious black students get teased and accused of “acting white” or not being true or down with his community. While the dropout rate among blacks are alarming , with prison corporations building prison space based on 3rd grade test scores it is time for black America to expose the truth.


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