Black CEO, Who Is Married To ‘Star Wars’ Creator, Uses Being Mistaken For The Kitchen Help To Teach An Amazing Lesson (VIDEO)

| May 14, 2015 | 31 Comments

Mellody Hobson,a prominent CEO and wife of billionaire George Lucas who created The Star Wars franchise is as beautiful , sexy and sharp as they come. Listen as she tells a group how she dealt with being mistaken for the help:

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Darnell Moore has extensively studied music and urban culture both academically and professionally for over 20 years. His writings and posts have appeared in many major urban publications. Moore is the founder and creator of Memoirs of an Urban Gentleman. Contact him , or

Comments (31)

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  1.' M. Seventeen says:

    Beautiful first, sexy second

  2.' MadnessSpeaks says:

    i love it!

  3.' ds9sisko says:

    How about a headline that read “Respected CEO/CBS News contributor Melody Hobson, wife of Star Wars creator George Lucas, Mistaken for ‘The Help” Teaches Lesson on Race” since it was going to be that long instead of the atrocious click bait above. SMH

    •' Terrance Cannon says:

      Wow Melody Hobson that speech was fabulous in her own experiences she is the CEO, now a similar speech was given by the first lady Michelle Obama at the Tuskegee University graduation, she told her life experiences, powerful speech as well, but the first lady was shunned & ridiculed about her speech!
      IJS jus a thought!

      •' Angylheart says:

        No comparison, Melody Hobson seems to be a humble, authentic woman. Quite contrary to Michelle. No comparison at all. IJS

        •' Angylheart says:

          Not to mention she didn’t throw any innuendo’s to entice a race baiting debate as Michelle very well did, and always does.

          •' Crystal says:

            Hobson only spoke for a little over 4 minutes, that’s the only reason there is no comparison. Some people clearly have an unrealistic view on race n this country.

          •' Angylheart says:

            Hobson clearly is a woman of class and character who owns her dignity, power and demands respect. People are going to respond to that vs playing the victim. And some people are clearly race baiters, using the race card for anything and everything – to create more division. Rather than seeing oneself as an equal and owning “that”, people like to play the victim to keep the difference alive and in full swing. If people knew how to unite as One, there wouldn’t be any of this s***….

          •' gwangung says:

            “Racebaiters” translates to “I hate thinking about race.”

          •' Angylheart says:

            Does this even make sense? “I hate thinking about race”? Isn’t every human being some form of a race? Stupid response.

          •' goldenarmz976 says:


          •' thenameischoco says:

            How many times are you going to say the same thing? This post is not about Michelle, so you really don’t need to make any comparisons between her and “this other black woman.”

          •' Angylheart says:

            Oh, I can see you like to stir the pot and keep the differences alive and well…..who said anything about color here? Other than YOU! Get a grip on youself

          •' thenameischoco says:

            Anyone with a brain can see the subtext to your comment you troll. Nice try.

          •' Angylheart says:

            the ONLY reason you could or would identify it as such is because that is YOUR thought process! Project your crap on yourself! Fkn looser

          •' Angylheart says:

            & some people are clearly able to assess the quality of character of a person just by “reading” them within the first few minutes….clearly and obviously most do not have that insight or ability as some do 😉

        •' Terrance Cannon says:

          I believe she is very humble to a certain point are she wouldn’t be an CEO

        •' Wowed says:

          From a mere three-minute clip you can assess and even conclude the humility and authenticity of a speaker? And compare that speaker’s humility to that of “Michelle”? I’m wowed by your special powers.

      •' SilentKnight says:

        The difference is ‘Influence and Power’: First Lady vs CEO ?.
        The other is ‘forum’ and audience. Her speech was not as ‘provocative’ considering it’s an ongoing theme delivered to a group of folks who are merely entertained, and probably not as motivated (I say this with caution, and do not mean to generalize). We can relate more to the First Lady’s speech because we her truth was lived out in media, it’s almost like we lived through it with her and after all she is FLOTUS 🙂

      •' Hiddenpalm says:

        Mainly because the flotus is married to a man who drone bombed 13 countries mostly in Africa and even during horrid famines, taking our money to directly fund the mass murder of over 500 children last summer in Gaza. Her husband kicked out more nonwhites from the country more than any before him, where killings of black folk by police has insanely increased, where the biggest prison on earth houses more black men than any other.

        George Lucas created Star Wars and never murdered a single child. Obama child victims even includes a US citizen from Denver.

        George Lucas will never have to answer for crimes against humanity. I will not leave this world until Obama is prosecuted for crimes against humanity. Michelle Obama is this rabid dog’s wife.

        •' goldenarmz976 says:

          Fnck you

        •' AceChristie says:

          Bush will be there in front of him in the line up.

        •' Sandra Sealy says:

          Interesting how toxic responses like this are USUALLY anonymous. Ironic how the original message coming from the lady (the video) is so inspiring vs your response – which has nothing to do with it. BTW I’m not even American.

        •' Marcadimus says:

          Huge difference. Obama is President. This woman is married to one of the truly most powerful men on Earth, and she is a strong enough woman to be his wife. I like Obama, but come on, Lucas is beyond brilliant, insanely wealthy and scares the shit out of the rich good old boys club.

    •' Angylheart says:

      Eloquently put…thank you!

  4.' RAZZ says:

    Some way, somehow, I knew this article would turn into a race issue. It is possible for me to read ANYTHING on the net without it turning into a race issue???!!!

    •' thenameischoco says:

      No. The very fabric of American society is built on racism and discrimination, so now you have to deal with hearing us speak out about our treatment.

    •' CaptSaltyJack says:

      Yeah, let’s just all ignore race issues and sweep them under the rug, so minorities can keep on suffering injustices!

  5.' Jacob Aud says:

    Prejudice—A Global Problem
    What is prejudice? Why can it be called a very personal issue with a global face?

    A World Without Prejudice—When?
    Real-life cases show how the Bible is already helping people to overcome prejudice. When will it be completely eliminated?

    Jehovah “Is Not Partial”
    God listens to the prayers of his worshippers regardless of their race, nationality, or social standing. How do we know that?

  6.' dsf says:


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