Ayesha Curry Urged To Take Several Seats As Game 7 Of NBA Finals Will Make For A Lovely Father’s Day

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In the words of Drake’s poetic ghost writer: “If you’re reading this it’s too late”. It’s too late NOT to be caught up in all the drama that surrounds game 7 of the NBA Finals.

In what is considered to be the game to rival all games, the Golden State Warriors will try to finish their storybook 73-9 season by winning back to back NBA championships. While LeBron James & CO. will try to do what no team has done in 50+ years, bring home a championship to starved Cleveland sports fans.

Can Daddy King James & CO. deliver on, of all days, Father’s day?

And so the stage is set for an epic battle. But if you ask Ayesha Curry daddy should have been at home already, enjoying Father’s day from the sofa, sipping a non alcoholic beer, marveling at both his two NBA MVP and back to back NBA championship trophies.

Although Stephen A. Smith would prefer that she take several seats and “be a good wife, one that’s seen but not heard”, and certainly not speaking of the NBA Finals being rigged.

But, while there is no real evidence the NBA Finals are rigged, it’s quite clear that lots of people would be getting rich if they were.

However, thanks to the added shenanigans and or simply more games being played, players, sponsors, and the league in general stand to benefit.

According to AdAge game 7 is likely to bring in close to $50 million in advertising revenues as a game 7 is typically a ratings and money-making bonanza.

Ticket prices for the game at the Oracle Arena has gone through the roof as well. As of Friday the average list price for game 7 tickets was a whopping $2,792.00. That’s over $1000.00 more than what the average list price was for Oracle Arena games before the series started.

And for the coveted seats behind the Warrior’s bench…where Steph Curry’s accused side-chick Roni Rose enjoyed her 15 minutes of fame? According to reports re-sellers are asking as much as $214,000.00 for a single courtside seat.

With all the drama surrounding the game and the unexpected windfall of cash that the game will bring in, one thing is certain: for owners, players and fans alike… this Father’s Day will be a LOVELY DAY!

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