Americans tweet their sincere gratitude #ThankYouObama

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Now that his successor has been chosen and his presidency is coming to an end amid an all-time-high approval rating, people are getting sentimental about Barack Obama. On Twitter, many are expressing their gratitude for the president using #ThankYouObama.

If you’ll remember the last thank you Obama hashtag Thanks Obama was sarcastic slang used to blame all of your life problems on the President.

Usually, the subject was struggling with a simple task or when something trivial happened to you.
“I stepped out in the middle of the street this morning and almost got hit by a car….Thanks Obama!”

“I just got a paper cut…Thanks Obama!” etc…

But now Americans are being sincere in expressing their gratitude for the outgoing two term president.

The hashtag picked up during BETs Love & Happiness: An Obama Celebration special that aired on Tuesday night, which was intended to celebrate Barack and Michelle Obama.

The special was filmed last month on the White House South Lawn, according to USA Today. The president and first lady were both in attendance and the event included a concert by Janelle Mone, Common and Usher. Celebrity guests such as Samuel L Jackson and Jesse Williams toasted the president.

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